How to Install Decorative Stair Brackets

Stair brackets, as nerf bars are an excellent approach to the decoration of the treads on your stairs. They can be found in all kinds of historic houses and are a popular option for decorating a new home, as well. Stair brackets are decorative details that are easy to install, adding beauty and elegance to […]

Decorating an Open Floor Plan Home

Many of us find ourselves living in open floor plan houses these days, and if you do not have one, you might be looking for ways to cut open walls and things. The open and airy feeling of open floor plans is wonderful, but present some home decorating dilemma safely. o How to choose paint […]

A Review on Natuzzi, Chesterfield and Ashley Leather Sofas

There are three popular and very controversial brands in the market, where she made and produced from different regions of the world. These are the Natuzzi, Chesterfield, and Ashley sofas. Each of them has their own list of offers to consumers, the imagination is to have a leather sofa. The Natuzzi leather sofa originally started […]

Tips to Design Your Own Steel Staircases

Design The majority of modern houses nowadays use stainless steel stairs, as futuristic and innovative look. However, the design is not come in a day. As a good designer, you should rake the ground to design a staircase and draw it out with CAD or other software know. Design without correct calculation can end up […]

Open Floor Plan Decorating – Easy Ideas For Flexible Living

The current trend for open floor plans is as fresh and exciting today as it was twenty years ago, began as houses are built in this way. Even owners of older traditional houses have divided the concept of flowing spaces that embraced by knocking down and / or movable walls. First, the homeowner is thrilled […]

Determining the Height of the Stair Landing

Those interested in stair construction should understand how to determine the height of the landing. This is often one of the most confusing and difficult for most things, carpenters who work in the construction industry today. I will try to simplify this process so bear with me. The first thing you’re going to have to […]

Ice Cream Makers – Manual Vs Electric

your own ice may be one of the most rewarding experiences. Imagine full control over how your ice is made and what put into it and how thick it. For most people this is a real treat, and for others it is a labor of love. There are two main types of ice machines are, […]

5 Steps for Refurbishing an Old Leather Sofa

leather furniture is amazing. It looks great and gathers a lot of attention, and it is also very convenient and comfortable to use. Unfortunately, everyone who has a piece of leather furniture in possession can tell you that no matter how hard you try to take care of it, the condition will worsen, as it […]