Window Glass Replacement and Brick Wall Home for Bright Interior

Employing a window glass replacement and bare brick wall home design can give an alternative of wall decor. That brick wall is well presented by a house that located in Sydney, Australia. This is formerly an old house that has been renovated into a new contemporary building. However the designer of Tribe Studio Architects that […]

Large Wall Mirrors as Central Decoration in Terraced Apartment

The opportunity to live in a terraced apartment which is designed with large wall mirrors can give us a different atmosphere after all day works inside of a building. The terrace can be your favorite spot to soothe the mind. That is what this apartment that located in Kiev, Ukraine can give. The apartment has […]

Fireplace Mantel Ideas in Elegant Apartment Interior Design

Looking at this house can make us recall Haussmann revolution in design since this house applies fireplace mantel ideas. Hence the name Baron Haussmann was attributed to this house. The house is designed by a French designer Bertrand Benoit, so no wonder that it incorporate Parisian design in its design. The house interior is mainly […]

Faux Wood Beams for Loft Interior Design in the Attic

Choosing a perfect loft design with faux wood beams for your house’s attic might be tricky. Since it has not been used for a long time, you might also find difficulties in cleaning it up. But the design created by TECON in Romania might inspire you to modify your attic into a beautiful and lovable […]

Armchair Covers in Colorful Vibrant Interior

After such an exhausting day, an armchair covers in vibrant interior can recharge your energy. It can give you more spirit with its colorful decoration. The vibrant design is well presented by this house that is so called El portal. The house is located in Palm Springs, California. The interior of this luxury home is […]

Wooden Floor Home to Create Calming Atmosphere

Modern house design often associated with wooden floor home since there are many modern houses that employed wooden floor. That kind of décor also can be seen on a house that located in Catalonia, Spain. This house was designed by great talents of Josep Camps and Olga Felip studio. This house is called Villa Sifera, […]

Anova Precision Cooker In-Hands Review

Anova Precision Cooker The Anova Cooker is the latest invention that makes it simple to get expert-level cooking at home. Usage of Anova Precision Cooker is very simple as you just need to immerse it into a pot, put the meal in sealed bag, set the temperature and timer. The Precision Cooker heats up the […]

Miami Interior Design Ideas

Miami is extremely developed and lots of culture and interior design ideas are highly develped . The town has some beautiful architecture together with the gorgeous scenery from the beaches and esturine habitat. Due to the originality from the area and also the people, Interior Design Miami Style is becoming its very own unique trend […]

Bathroom Ideas Latest Mirrors

Probably the most important add-ons associated with a bathroom ideas may be the mirror. When correctly lighted, a bathroom mirror is every woman’s closest friend. However, maybe you have thought why some lavatories are extremely friendly and welcoming while some are uninviting? Bathroom mirrors can be used for various reasons varying from dental start flossing […]